Florencia Raffa
AR Creator

by Lemonpaip

I invite you to my reality.
I love to change the world with
augmented reality. Come on
and change the world with me.

Following my reality

Always imagine non-existent characters, worlds or creatures, since 2012 I have been recreating them in illustrations, and now I have reached a new goal with augmented reality. I am a person who never feels that it is too late, and I always try to overcome new horizons.

Welcome to my universe

These are one of the many augmented reality filters that I have made, from movie characters, to make-up or invented characters. All of them coexist in my universe, which thanks to augmented reality have come to life.

Let's build together

I work both with WebAr as well as with filters on instagram and on snapchat. I have been training with these tools by providing my clients with a first class service.